When the Son of man comes . . . Finding out the ‘Good News.’

February 5, 2016

Welcome to Ian's world, where I will be sharing Faith, the Gospel and Good News with you, particularly in Japan (in English), but I am not locking myself into 'the lands' of the rising sun . . . 'the Great South Lands' of the Holy Spirit' - or the pacific only; I would love to share with, and 'hear' from, anywhere in the world. I have a passion for Jesus Christ, for Prophecy, Evangelism and Pastoring and also what is happening in this 'end-times now'.

I think this pod-casting is a wonderful tool to use, to bring Good News to those who may have not heard any for a very long time.
Come along for the journey - where the question is asked . . . "When the Son of man comes, will He really find Faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:8). I want to hear from you listeners and subscribers a resounding 'YES!'