Psalm 91 - Why is this so important?

February 17, 2016

Kia ora, and konnichiwa.

This Podcast is about one of the most amazing promises that God has for you (and me). This week I am going to explain the importance of Psalm 91 and why you should be adopting this Psalm, and confessing it over yourself and your family — every day.

I have prayed this over my own family now for years and have found that God will honour His word and defend His people. He has come to my defence many times and protected me and my family from the enemy’s wiles, or cunning plans to try and destroy me. We live in dangerous days now; as Jesus’s time of His coming fast approaches — the devil’s (Satin) judgement is also fast approaching and with his desire to corrupt and destroy Gods creations, coupled with his short time left, he is pulling out his most deceptive tactics; even as we speak.

I promise you, that for those who subscribe to my podcasts, I will pray Psalm 91 over you too, as I do pray it over my own family. You will see Gods faithfulness and power to defend, come into your own lives. Together, we will learn to listen to His voice and walk by faith . . . and when Jesus appearing finally comes, He WILL find faith on this earth!