005 - 28 Prophecies fulfilled at Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion

April 2, 2016

During the (few) days that Jesus Christ was crucified on a wicked Roman cross, there were not less than 28 ancient prophecies that were fulfilled upon HIS death! But furthermore, there were even more prophecies' fulfilled at His resurrection!

Even more astounding is the fact that, when some of these prophecies were spoken . . . the Romans were not the world powers at the time, nor was the Roman Cross even invented!

28 Prophecies fulfilled in a short (three day’s) period of time is not just a miracle, it’s Gods perfect plan falling into place . . . His perfect plan that is still not yet completely fulfilled.

God, our creator has a plan for YOU! He is working it all out now, as we speak and we would be fools to get NOT with the programme!



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