003 Psalm 91 explained and other stories

March 3, 2016

We’re looking a little deeper into this ‘very important’ Psalm — Psalm 91. Also as I explain it, I will share a couple of stories about how this ‘faith’ work can achieve ‘real – undeniable results in your own life.’

Wicked things are rising on this earth and fear, and control are gaining stronger grips on peoples lives. People groups are creating chaos where there should be order. Supernatural warfare is happening all around us, because time is running out, and our enemy is putting up the heat. His time is running out also.

We need to LISTEN to GODS voice, and obey His promptings . . . it will save your life. We also need to understand what this warfare really is about, it’s not flesh against flesh — no, it’s spiritual and fleshly arms will not – cannot fight spiritual powers and principalities. Our weapons of this warfare are NOT carnal; but they are MIGHTY in GOD!

There are conditions . . . first we must be listening and we must be obeying and — most importantly . . . we must be aware of how to fight, and how to access the help that we need and how to exercise that help.

Psalm 91, is certainly a powerful weapon, but there are more . . . a lot more!